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RMOA Update - Term 1, 2023

What have we been up to since the start of the year?

At current, RMOA has 125 paying RMOA members


  • NEW RMOA Website - all brand-new in 2023 and filled to the brim with resources

  • NEW Common After Hours Calls in intern orientation & St George intern education

  • The highest rated activity across all of intern orientation

  • NEW Med Students x JMOs WhatsApp group

  • Smaller Red Resident groups + a large RR JMO Questions group

  • NEW Free on-site lunch for Red Residents program

  • Built Tutor Database for UNSW clinical school


  • NEW 2x intern exclusive socials during orientation (in addition to the end-of-term Summer Soiree that interns were invited to): The Kogarah Hotel, The Bar at the end of the Wharf > The Argyle, Keg & Brew

  • Orientation: intro to RMOA and hospital tours, gave away three pairs of fun scrubs

  • Mid-term party: Chinatown Noodle King > Babylon

  • End-of-term party: The Imperial

  • Weekly social caged soccer (started by interns last year)

  • Free sponsored lunch at St George and Sutherland Hospitals by MJA Locums

  • NEW Instagram account

Common Room

  • Monthly (sometimes split into fortnightly) common room food drops

  • We haven’t let this die, and we’re committed to doing this year long

  • NEW Coffee machine for Sutherland hospital

  • NEW Board games for both common rooms on their way

  • NEW Free on-site lunch in celebration of Sydney World Pride

  • NEW Merchandise - RMOA rainbow water bottles and RMOA retractable ID reels

  • Keep an eye out for more merchandise dropping soon! (hint: you can feel the RMOA logo laser engraved into the wood)

Other assorted initiatives

  • NEW Membership perks on the website (keep an eye out for more coming soon!)

  • NEW Sponsorship Prospectus

  • Ongoing course reimbursements

  • 2x in-person RMOA executive meetings

  • Coordinated committee applications

  • JMO Rotations spreadsheet

  • NEW Car parking spreadsheet

  • Term Rovers now updated directly through MedApp

  • NEW RMOA Calendar with term dates and important deadlines


  • JMO Teaching - intern teaching moved to Wednesday lunchtimes (not 8:30am), and commitment that all teaching would be catered

  • Fair rostering - ensuring JMOs don’t have to sort their own roster in future, and rosters are flexible around other commitments (e.g. conferences) where possible

  • Fair overtime - providing additional support for JMOs during particularly busy periods to avoid excessive overtime and burnout

  • Paperless pathology - fed back poor communication on the roll-out and the mass confusion that results

  • RMO accreditation of residency

  • Residents were first informed St George BPT Network did not intend to allow accreditation of PGY2 as first year of BPT several weeks into their residency

  • After contacting all other Networks, it was apparent this opportunity would remain available at all other Networks across the state except Westmead

  • Residents advocated strongly against this given the complete lack of consultation, and as a result the St George Network Governance Committee held an extra-ordinary meeting to discuss our concerns

  • Concerns raised included:

  • Autonomy & informed consent - inability to make informed decisions about where we complete our training based on the opportunities available

  • Justice - given St George RMOs were knowingly disadvantaged compared to other hospitals, from the perspective of training opportunities, ability to engage in education activities including the RACP lecture series, and the ability to apply for jobs given some hospitals have stated they intend to offer some positions only for RMOs that have accredited the year

  • Non-maleficence - significant erosion of trust for our governing committees, impacts on JMO wellbeing and burnout, and resultant JMO drop-out from the decision that will result in increased after shifts for the remaining JMOs (given relievers will be pulled off evening coverage to cover JMOs that have left, meaning everyone will have to pick up additional after hour shifts)

  • On the Friday of Week 5 of residency, St George residents were informed that, despite the above concerns, the decision remained unchanged

  • We do not speak for the St George Network Governance Committee, and their reasoning for this should be sought directly - their contact details can be found on the RACP website

  • However, from the understanding of the RMOs, the predominant concerns relate to our terms not meeting the RACP accreditation standards

  • Unfortunately, all of the NGC’s assertions did not align with what RMOs have found in the RACP accreditations, and at several instances directly conflicted with what was said by the standards

  • RMOs have requested further clarification from the Network Governance Committee, but further discussion on this has been declined

  • RMOs have escalated this to the St George Director of Medical Services, the AMA, HETI, RACP, and ASMOF, but have ultimately been told it is the St George Network Governance Committee’s decision

  • RMOs are currently advocating at higher levels for change to prevent these issues from occurring again

  • As a direct result of this, some RMOs have left the network, although not without significant personal sacrifice, including the ability to take annual leave as 44 weeks is required for accreditation and the St George Network Governance Committee has declined to accredit the first eight weeks of residency

  • RMOs are deeply disappointed by the lack of transparency and the harms this decision has caused

Feel free to contact the St George RMOA about any these updates, or if you have any other ideas or feedback

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