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RMOA Update - Term 2, 2023

Here are some of the exciting things we've been up to this term:

  • Free lunches for St George & Sutherland to celebrate the end-of-term

  • Sponsored lunches - a huge thankyou to all our sponsors!

  • Food drops - keeping up the monthly food drops

  • Mid-term party @ Misfits

  • Inter-hospital party - back for the first time in years, our Socials Officers both had significant involvement in organising this 400-person event

  • NSW Hospitals offering BPT accreditation in PGY2 - collated information on which hospitals were offering BPT accreditation next year and shared this information with other Networks

  • Updated AMSA's Internship Guide section on Network 8

  • Guide to Network 8 for incoming interns - find it on our homepage

  • PGY3 Info Night - guest speakers from almost every aspect of medical specialisation to help you make the best decisions about your own career going forward

  • PGY3+ Spreadsheet - a compilation of all the information sessions for PGY2s to be aware of

  • Caged soccer - Furious George has had a ripper of a season!

  • Research database - with approval from St George's Research Director, it's now being advertised to researchers, so watch this space!

  • Advocacy - we're currently looking into ways to reduce the amount of rostered overtime and provide more flexibility in shift swaps, with a proposed solution put together and further data from other hospitals being collected on how they do rostered overtime

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