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Tax Deductions

Things for junior doctors to claim as tax deductible. Comment more below and we'll add them in to our list! Keep all your receipts and a travel diary when away, and obviously you can't claim things you were reimbursed for. See the ATO guidelines for more information.


Scrubs, but not professional attire as these could be multipurpose


For uniforms only

Medical equipment

Stethoscopes, pen torches, tendon hammers, whiteboard markers

Registration fees

RMOA, ASMOF, AMA, AHPRA, Working with Children's Check, Police Check

Rural Placements

Travel, accommodation, food, and other incidental expenses

Conferences & Education Courses

Registration fee, travel, accommodation, food, and other incidental expenses


And other educational tools directly related to your work


Backpacks, briefcases, handbags, laptop bags and luggage (if used for work)

Microsoft Office

You can only claim the work-related portion (e.g. if half the time is spent on work-related activities including education then you can claim 50%)

COVID-19 Tests

Including RATs if you had to pay for them and they are required by work


Phone, Data, Internet, Chargers and other technology can be claimed, but only the work-related portion

Comments (1)

Jul 04, 2023

It probably falls under the education courses section, but remember you can also claim the cost of college exams as a self education expense

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